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Sultan Smart Technology founded in 2014 to meet the society's need, to keep pace with infinite global technological development, it is specializing in smart home, hotels, museums and universities automation. Our company has been approved by the Smart Home Bus G4 leader in the field of smart home automation.

The company services is designing , supervision and implementation of the following: Smart homes, hotels, and hospitals automation. electrical installations of all types and stages, providing a smart and integrated solutions, control panels, smart security systems, and renewable energy.

The company currently has a single branch works in the city of Jerusalem, and has near future plans for qualitative expansion in the number of branches to cover all areas in Jerusalem and the country.

The company's vision aims to make people's lives easier, as well as making the smart home of interest and to be available to all and affordable, In addition to make the business more efficient, and that the company is having a new kind of the modern service and high level of quality methods for dealing with customers, and finally the smart home is the promising future.


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