KNX Home Automation


Conventional electrical installations are insufficient for building automations. Required technical flexibility, control and comfort features cannot be achieved with classical wiring.

All these are achieved in an economic and comprehensible way by the KNX-EIB data bus system and the data bus protocol shared by products of more than 250 manufacturers.

KNX is an internationally accepted and trusted organization that has globally standardized the home and building automation systems communication protocol.

KNX association was founded in 1999 in Brussels by the convergence of three European associations in an attempt to broaden the use of intelligent home and building systems.

KNX - EIB: (European Installation Bus) is a world leader in the "smart" electrical installations sector.

Why KNX?


  • Worldwide standard,
  • Integration with different building management systems,
  • Flexible and upgradeable,
  • Supplies from different manufacturers, manufacturer independent infrastructure,
  • Energy savings even when the building is active,
  • Maximum security,
  • Central control and monitoring,
  • avings in wiring and spaces,
  • Certified products,
  • High quality guaranteed.

Smart Home KNX Products

MAKEL Smart Home Products

KNX Switch Actuators

They are relays designed to supply power with the KNX system in on/off form.

Can be used in lighting shutters, sun curtains, shuttered curtains...

KNX Communication Bridges & Server

It allow you to open your smart buildings and homes to managing over the internet. Also tablets, touch panels and smart mobile devices enable access to the KNX system...

KNX Touch Switches & Thermostat

With the Makel KNX Touch switches you can experience the comfort of a smart home. Makel KNX switches have a wealth of application features like classic switching,...

KNX PushButtons & Thermostat

 Makel KNX switches have a wealth of application features like classic switching, dimming, blind and curtain control, HVAC, alarm features, stage and priority...

KNX Presence Detectors

With the Makel KNX motion and light detectors both motion and presence can be detected so that you can adjust you stage...

KNX Power Supplies

The KNX power source provides the power for devices on each KNX line in an isolated manner. You can supply 32/64 devices with a 320/640mA capacity...

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